Detox Foot Bath

Toxins build up in our body over time. This build up compromises our immune system and leaves us open to disease. It is also one of the reasons we feel run down and tired. Giving your body a break from its toxic burden can help you reach a new level of health and vitality. It can also help improve your mental clarity, emotional stability, and increase stamina and strength.

There is a new detox method that can help give your body a break from its toxic burden. The BodyGuard Footbath is a foot detoxification method very popular with those interested in cleansing toxins out of their body. Two devices in one - an ionic body-detoxification system and a frequency generator. The ionic system helps pull toxins, chemicals, poisons, pesticides, heavy metals, and free radicals from the body as the frequency generator works to help eradicate viruses, bacteria, fungus, and parasites. As an analog device, the BodyGuard Footbath maintains the symmetry of the human body's natural rhythm, resulting in an effective and efficient cleanse.

How it Works

During a 30-45-minute foot bath, the water is ionized with negatively charged ions. These negatively charge attract the positive charged toxins in your body pulling them out through your feet. Whatever toxins are not removed through your feet in the process are processed through your urine and stools during the 72 hours post treatment.

During the process you will also place two probes in your hands, or place on various parts of your body for a micro-current to pass through. One of the probes is positively charged, and the other is negatively charged. Microvolts pass from one probe to another. The voltage is extremely low (2500 hz and 7.8 volts). Most patients barely notice the current. The probes can be used together with the footbath, or separately.

What is in the Bath?

The two stainless steel plates pass a small current through the water, dislodging the covalent electron from the water molecule and setting free the hydrogen atom in the form of gas which bubbles to the surface of the water. What is left of the water molecule is called a hydroxide -- one atom of oxygen and one atom of hydrogen that possesses a negative charge. The negative ionic charge that is left in the water quickly builds a negative potential which neutralizes the positive polarity of the toxins in the body. The toxins that are not naturally removed by way of urine, feces and sweat are pulled out immediately in the ionized water.

The footbath energizes our body with a positive square wave frequency, which strengthens our immune system and organs. The flow of electrons through the body changes the terrain of our body, which repels pathogens, bacteria, fungus, viruses thus allowing our bodies to acquire a state of balance and health. The BodyGuard Footbath is unique in that the water is charged only with negative ions.

Be aware that the BodyGuard has no power to heal you or anyone. It simply helps the body eliminate those things that compromise your energy.

Cleansing Benefits of the Body Guard

  • Increases its cell vitality
  • Eliminates microorganisms
  • Boosts energy
  • Balances body Ph acid/alkaline
  • Eliminates viruses - flu
  • Relaxes more
  • Eliminates bad bacteria
  • Purifies liver
  • Eliminates parasites
  • Improves nerve communication
  • Speeds body's own healing
  • Fights Epstein Barr
  • Improves digestion
  • Eliminates heavy chemicals
  • Heightens clarity of mind
  • Eliminates Pharmaceuticals
  • Eliminates candida
  • Eliminates alcohol buffer
  • Eliminates infection
  • Releases stress
  • Enhances immune system
  • Cleans own lymphatic system
  • Purifies blood
  • Eliminates worms
  • Clears lungs
  • Fights Lyme disease
  • Clears bronchial tubes
  • Fights shingles
  • Neutralizes bug bites
  • Fights Fibromyalgia
  • Heightens its alertness
  • Eliminates cavity bacteria
  • Detoxifies cells
  • Eliminates gum bacteria
  • Speeds recovery
  • Eliminates eye infection
  • Eliminates lactic acid
  • Clears toxic lymph nodes
  • Speeds athletic recovery
  • Strengthens immune system

*DISCLAIMER: This product is not a medical device. It is an experimental cleansing device; it does not include any therapies or techniques regulated by any state-licensed health care profession, nor is it intended for the treatment or prevention of any disease or health condition. Information contained, is solely for educational purposes and is not intended to be prescriptive. None of the information provided is intended to act as a substitute for counseling with your health care professional, nor does it involve the diagnosis, prognosis or prescription of remedies for the treatment or prevention of any illness, disease or health condition. Before using this or any other experimental device, you are advised to consult with a health care professional. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.