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Are you seeking amazing health, vitality and happiness? At Integrative Health Management, we get you back in control of all that you long to change. We treat your body as a whole and this means your stress and emotions. We use approaches to leave you feeling uplifted, healthy, and to help keep you there. We will work with you to heal, and all around you will see changes in your life for the better!


Functional Medicine

A new approach to medicine. Functional medicine focuses on the patient as a whole to determine the root causes of diseases. It involves processes to evaluate underlying factors that may have to do with bodily imbalances and dysfunctions rather than just treating the symptoms with multiple medications.

Indigo Quantum Biofeedback

The Indigo Biofeedback is an extraordinary device that is a looking glass into the body. It gathers information and makes assessments regarding the state of the body, health status, condition and stress level in very deep detail. The treatment is painless, and patients stay in a comfortable, relaxed position. After assessments are made, which begin to occur in the first three minutes of a session, the device can recalibrate any condition or ailment to allow the body to begin healing. The initial session is approximately 1.5 hours. Follow up sessions are 1 hour.

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Stress & Energy Management / Healing

Stress is on the rise. How are you navigating through it? Is it having a negative impact on you? Are you feeling anxious, fatigued, sick, getting common colds frequently or other unresolved conditions? Do you suffer from more severe ailments or conditions such as anxiety, depression, pain, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis? The energy of stress can cause the body to have decreased ability to deal with disease and stress.


“Dr. K has an amazing gift of healing like I've never seen before. I felt a complete release after an energetic healing, unlike anything I've ever experienced before. She also did an amazing job on an in grown toe nail I had, when I had rather traumatic experience in the past. I felt at easy and comfortable. I would highly recommend her to anyone with health or emotional difficulties.”

Scott M.

“After one detox foot bath I had way more clarity in my mind and more energy. I felt much better and decided to stay on top of my health and proceed with a few more."

Sandi C.

"I have always been a busy and energetic person and have multiple plates spinning. As I have gotten older I have had a hard time keeping everything from running together and it has been taking its toll on me; personally and professionally. Dr. Krywiak has shown me simple tools to allow myself to take a step back and keep things from crashing together. She also helped me to clean up some of the chaotic and negative energy around me. Since learning to focus myself and cleaning things up, I have been more calm and focused, especially in my professional life when chaos is a constant. She has given me the tools needed to live a more positive life."

Elizabeth W. D.V.M

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